Precision Prefab Building Systems

Our industry requires more predictable, greener, higher quality construction. That is why we bring uncompromising commitment to excellence through fabrication and service to our customers.



  • Integrated Skills: Stillwater Building Systems is the only panelized manufacturer that offers a fully integrated set of skills. Our team brings extensive experience in architecture, construction and operations to each project.

  • Early Stage Collaboration: We're able to look at a project from all perspectives – from the very early stages. We'll help you anticipate design, framing and engineering challenges ahead of time, then work with you to optimize cost and reduce delivery and assembly speeds.

  • Precision Crafted: Utilizing cutting-edge software solutions and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to design your panelized system faster, more affordably and at a higher quality than other manufacturers. 


Our Story

Today there is an unprecedented need for responsive, skilled prefabricated manufacturers in the building industry. Stillwater Building Systems emerged as a result of these industry demands.


Stillwater Building Systems' sister company, Stillwater Dwellings, has established itself as a premier architectural firm in the prefab industry – designing and building modern luxury, prefab homes for over 10 years. A talented team of architects, project managers and design professionals enable them to create exceptional homes and to forge strong and lasting relationships with their customers and business partners alike. 


Stillwater Building Systems brings the same experience and commitment to quality. What sets us apart is our dedication for serving our customers' needs and for building trust through our uncompromising commitment toward their success.



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